What is Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD? Find out more right here!

Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD is an upcoming reboot gacha game coming onto IOS and Android and previously released under a similar name. The game was popular at launch but hype soon dwindled so …

Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD is an upcoming reboot gacha game coming onto IOS and Android and previously released under a similar name. The game was popular at launch but hype soon dwindled so the developers have taken a drastic step of pulling the entire game down for a rework to encourage more rolling, better-designed characters, and much better combat systems.

So what has changed in Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD?

So far the graphics for the new game appear to be amazing in the beta test with the fan-favourite character Kurumi Tokisaki making an appearance in a video recorded below and various other characters likely in the works. It appears as though the characters have a skill tree like a traditional RPG and the combat system relies on combining various skills and combos for the character. This sort of exciting 2D scroller battle is quite unique in the space and appears to be a lot of fun!

As with previous instalments of the game, there are various LIVE 2D elements for the characters providing a good amount of interactivity with the favourite characters from the anime. Like the previous game, it is also expected to keep plot and visual novel, dating sim related aspects allowing players to bond with characters and go out on dates with them in order to increase affection.

What sort of gacha rates will we get in Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD?

It is not yet known what sort of rates will be available in the game but the developers have mentioned that they are doing ” a overhaul in terms of gacha rate, pity mechanism, gacha animation, and etc. Gacha bonus items and the corresponding stores will be added.”

A pity system like Genshin Impact is an extremely welcome addition missing from many gacha games. Pity systems set a cap on the maximum cost a desired unit can be and will reduce the need for spending large amounts of money just for coveted characters. This is an ethical development on the developers part and will hopefully not stop there as another factor is also the rate at which players can earn premium currency within the game. With the rehaul being planned, the developers will likely be able to scale this to a fairer system.

Hopefully this is implying much better rates with the added pity system. It would also be expected that at release at least, players will be given various first time bonuses in order to maximise the player count!

Credits: Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD | Moonwalk Interactive

What about the date/visual novel system in Date A Live?

It appears as though this will get an overhaul as well, the date was described as being adjusted with all the original date content and gameplay being removed and replaced with new gameplay. It is expected these would be more story focused and will have better relationship building between the player and the character.

When will Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD be released globally for America and the world?

Date A Live Spirit Pledge HD is expected to come out on the 27th of May for the re-release. The game is available currently in beta and there are various videos and content floating around but this is all subject to change until then so hopefully we can see our beloved characters soon!

As this is a game that is developed with several “main” characters that were already in mind it will be interesting to see how the developers evolve it to keep the game interesting and enjoyable for players.

This is one of the most exciting instalments this year for a light novel turned anime turned gacha game series and here at Gacha Gamer we already have our eyes tuned on where this game could develop. Since it uses the original cast of characters and voice actors alongside having the rights for the IP use, there looks to be a wide variety of ways this could be played.

Other popular anime turned gacha game series that are somewhat well known are Tensura’s (Slime Isekai) gacha game that has a kingdom building aspect. Other anticipated gacha games for this year include the previously announced Honkai Star Rail and also possible Zenless Zone Zero by miHoYo!