Genshin Impact Kuki Shinobu Character Gameplay Guide

Genshin Impact’s latest 4 Star Character Kuki Shinobu is the first electro healer in the game. After our Yelan guide prior, we decided to also make one for Kuki Shinobu! She is an Electro Sword …

Genshin Impact’s latest 4 Star Character Kuki Shinobu is the first electro healer in the game. After our Yelan guide prior, we decided to also make one for Kuki Shinobu! She is an Electro Sword user, and she will work as a healer similar to Barbara in the game providing Auras for various reactions as well as passive healing and the occasional burst. Her Elemental Skill, Sanctifying Ring, will create a ring around her that constantly deals Electro DMG to surrounding targets while also applying the Electro Aura. Activating this skill will use some of Kuki Shinobu’s HP and the healing will be based on Kuki Shinobu’s Max HP.

Who is Kuki Shinobu in Genshin Impact?

Kuki Shinobu is the mysterious deputy of the Arataki Gang, an infamous gang led by resident chaos-causing oni, Arataki Itto. Kuki Shinobu is the brain behind the Arataki Gang and will usually be left cleaning up the various messes and issues caused by the gang usually as a result of Itto.

Kuki Shinobu came from a family of shrine maidens and was expected to become a shrine maiden as well but thought that the life of a shrine maiden was far too boring and structured. She wanted freedom and taught herself various skills spending time to excel in a wide variety of skills like cooking, law, fighting and tailoring among other things. Eventually, she joined the Arataki Gang as a result of a throwaway comment by her friend, Kujo Sara. Growing interested she eventually found Itto and his friends, after that as they say the rest is history! She has remained there since finding the place to be similar to home with everyone in the gang treating her with sincerity and this newfound family of hers is what has motivated her until now.

Which weapon do I use for Kuki Shinobu in Genshin?

To build Kuki Shinobu, you have to first get the appropriate weapon for her. Currently our picks are the Sacrificial sword, Favonius sword or the Amenona Kageuchi. These are easy to access and will provide the Energy Recharge needed to fund her burst ability. The Favonius Sword in particular is useful because it has the benefit of giving the team more white particles to help with team Energy Recharge requirements. The Elemental Skill is also a good area to focus on and a weapon like Festering Desire can be useful to increase the damage output of this skill. The catch however is, Festering Desire was an event weapon and cannot be obtained anymore, in this case just use the options we discussed earlier as they are all quite accessible for low spending or free-to-play players.

What Artifact Set does Kuki Shinobu use?

Kuki Shinobu can use either the standard 4 piece Tenacity of the Millelith set to great effect and give her allies an ATK % bonus buff with her constantly attacking Elemental Skill or use a healing-focused set, the 4 piece Maiden Beloved. We personally recommend the Millelith set as it will provide her with more team utility which is extremely important to make her a more viable character in-game. Kuki Shinobu can use the set to maximum effect compared to other characters as her skill is constantly doing damage while following the current player character.

Should I build Kuki Shinobu?

First of all, we recommend building any character you enjoy in Genshin Impact! The game is not hard enough to require a focus on any specific character be they META or NON-META. Most of the gameplay is in the overworld of the game and it’s relatively easy to chew through any enemies in the game using even the weakest of characters. Kuki Shinobu fulfils a healer role within the game, while there are better healers she is the only Electro healer in the game at the moment. For character teams requiring an Electro Healer or teams that need 2 Electro units either for energy reasons or other, it might be useful to have Kuki Shinobu in your team.

Will Kuki Shinobu be useful for Spiral Abyss Floor 12?

Kuki Shinobu will definitely be useful in Spiral Abyss Floor 12 if your team is struggling with survivability. She will not significantly increase your team’s overall DPS however she can contribute in terms or passive healing and providing team members with Electro Auras as well as particles via the Favonius Sword and an Atk buff via the Tenacity of the Millelith set.

Have a look at Genshin Impact’s official Coillected Miscellany to find out more about Kuki Shinobu’s amazing skills!