Why you need stellar jade in Honkai Star Rail and methods to obtain stellar jade

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based RPG developed by popular gacha game developers, miHoYo now known as Hoyoverse and inspired by their previous games, Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact. As a gacha game, it …

Honkai: Star Rail is a turn-based RPG developed by popular gacha game developers, miHoYo now known as Hoyoverse and inspired by their previous games, Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact. As a gacha game, it of course comes with its own form of premium currency and rolls in order to allow players to obtain characters in the game. Our guide below will show you how to obtain and earn Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail.

Guide to getting Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail

Item Description
Like a meteor streaking across the sky catch this light stone before it goes out.
Maybe you can exchange for something with it? You can get a lot of goods with this shiny thing.

Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail is similar to Primogems in Genshin Impact and can be used to buy Star Rail Passes and Star Rail Special Passes for 160 Stellar Jade each. Currently, as the game is not yet open to the public there is, of course, no method to purchase this with real-life money however players can earn stellar jade by doing the below.

  • Completing daily quests within the game
  • Opening chests while exploring new areas (similar to Genshin Impact)
  • Purchasing (Potential future scenario when the game is open to public)
  • Daily logins (Similar system to Genshin Impact’s Welkin passes however this will likely be a free feature like other gacha games with its own form of “welkin passes” to add more stellar jade)

How to earn stellar jade by completing daily quests in Honkai Star Rail

Most sections of the main story quests in Star Rail will give players different amounts of Stellar Jade, going through the story mode is a pre-requisite for a lot of content and players are encouraged to go through the campaign and earn this Stellar Jade in the early stage of the game.

After completing most of the main campaign story quests, various side quests will also appear along the way similar to the Genshin Impact World Quest system. If players want to maximise the amount of StellarJade they earn, they will need to complete all of these quests as well.

Like World Quests, not all side quests will give Stellar Jade – different resources are used for the side quests and they can be completed in an although the rewards are still very useful – so you don’t have to prioritize them, just keep them in mind as you progress through the game.

Not all side quests will reward players with Stellar Jade, a number of side quests will only give players some useful resources and currency so this method should not be fully relied upon at the end game to get daily Stellar Jade.

Earn Stellar Jade from exploration and opening chests

Stellar Jade can also be earned in Honkai Star Rail by opening chests that you find while exploring various maps. These chests spawn in random locations and are hidden similar to the open world chests in Genshin Impact. Like that game, the chests have different varieties of rarities and will give a different amount of stellar jade. These red chests which give a higher amount of stellar jade will often be locked behind various puzzles or in difficult locations where players will have to think and play a bit before being able to get the treasure!

What are Light cones used for in Honkai Star Rail?

 Light Cones are equipable items for each character in the game. Each different Light Cone comes with its own randomised stat bonuses that will increase a character’s attack, defense, and other abilities. The similarity here would be in artifacts except in this case Light cones come from the Honkai Star Rail Gacha System. Players will need to have a Rail Pass in order to summon within the Honkai Gacha System named, a warp. These can be purchased with Stellar Jade.

How do I pull new characters in Honkai Star Rail?

Credits: Matt is playing | Beta test footage only

The gacha system in Honkai: Star Rail is called, “warping“. This system is similar to pulling in Genshin Impact and the cost-basis of pulling is also similar at 160 Stellar Jade per roll. This system allows players to get characters they want by pulling and the extra items players will get will be Light Cones which will be used to strengthen the character. These are functionally similar to weapons in Genshin Impact and players can expect to get a lot of fodder Light Cones.