5 Things you need to know in Zenless Zone Zero – Official News

Zenless Zone Zero is looking to be the hottest new instalment in Hoyoverse’s ever growing list of gacha games. The game is set in a futuristic dystopia and features a wide list of characters on …

Zenless Zone Zero is looking to be the hottest new instalment in Hoyoverse’s ever growing list of gacha games. The game is set in a futuristic dystopia and features a wide list of characters on the roster as well as new enemies and gameplay mechanics.

This week’s article will focus on new information we now know on Zenless Zone Zero from news released through their official channels. The BETA client of the Zenless Zone Zero game has still not been distributed as of yet so little is still known on the gameplay.

What are Hollows in Zenless Zone Zero?

Zenless Zone Zero enemies are called Hollows, these would be similar to the Hilichurl and Abyss Order enemies in Genshin Impact and come in a variety of ways. The team have listed that Hollows can be:

  • Mutant Monsters
  • Unknown substances like a gas
  • A mutated person corrupted by the above.
  • Lawless thugs
  • Hollow Raiders, Proxies and the insane
  • Staff of Official Agencies

From these descriptions, it is clear that Hollows are a pretty wide umbrella. This is likely so the Hoyoverse development and design team will not be locked into a design aesthetic or an archetype and be able to pursue more creative freedoms when designing new enemies for players to fight.

Have any Voice Actors or Actresses been revealed in Zenless Zone Zero?

News from the Hoyoverse development team have shown that Yu Serizawa who has voiced Shera from Isekai Maou to Shoukan, Yumemi from Kaekgurui, Kaname from Tonikaku Kawaii, and Iroha in 3D Kanojo will be a voice actress for one of the characters in the game, Nicole Demara. Nicole is a lively girl that seems to be very energetic and playful. She has pink hair tied into twin tails and wears a modern girl’s outfit!

Nicole is the founder of the New Eridu Odd-Job Agency the Cunning Hares and her crafty behavior has earned her a reputation among her peers as “Even more cunning than a hare”.

Credits: Hoyoverse | Zenless Zone Zero

Another Voice Actress revealed is Atsumi Tanezaki, voice of voice of Juno from Beastars, Arisa from Fruits Basket, and Vivi will be voicing Anby Demara, a white haired girl with a ferocious military aesthetic. She looks to be a strong fighter and has a green themed motif and dressing.

Credits: Hoyoverse | Zenless Zone Zero

What is Cunning Hares in Zenless Zone Zero?

Cunning Hares is functionally a type of mercenary agency in New Eridu. The people working in Cunning Hares such as Anby and Nicole are dispatched in an official capacity to deal with Hollows and ensure they are taken down. So far it looks like they are paid for this service as Nicole has lines asking for payment in the form of “Dennies” which seem to be the currency used in this world.

The Cyberpunk-like world of New Eridu features different states and it is expected that battles will be done on another plane. Cunning Hares seems to be only one of the groups operating to take down the Hollows and other agencies might also be dispatched. This will be quite an interesting method of having different groups of characters affiliated with each other and potentially getting bonuses from that, similar to Azur Lane.

Are Nicole and Anby Demara sisters, cousins or relatives in Zenless Zone Zero?

While Nicole and Anby share the same last names, Anby is actually a girl with a mysterious past we do not yet know. We do know she was taken in by Nicole and shares her name so they likely have a strong connection as adopted family, it is also noted that she has a strong emotional attachment to Nicole and this is likely due to this. Nicole also trained Anby into a strong and most trusted companion for dispatch against Hollows. This mysterious past of Anby’s will surely be something many people will be looking forward to unravelling.

What does Anby like to do in New Eridu?

Anby, codename Baby Bird is an advanced combatant and knows a variety of skilled tactics to take down hollows however as a normal girl she also has a life outside of combat. She has a deep love of movies and loves to watch them however she lacks a lot of the common sense needed to tell truth from fiction and takes the meanings and the movie literally!

Why does Nicole like money in Zenless Zone Zero?

Nicole, nicknamed a Cunning Hare is a strong and highly intelligent woman. She seems to enjoy breaking the rules when it comes to jobs and most other things in life with a particular enjoyment of earning and trying to skim more money from clients or other people. Despite this however, Nicole seems to be drowning in debt much like another beloved character in Genshin Impact, Mona and looks to be constantly poor despite trying her hardest to earn money! It seems that she got into so much debt to sustain Cunning Hares, she must love this organisation with all her heart as she built it up and she as the leader needs to lead and sustain it.