10 Gacha Games with Mechanics That Provide Enjoyment Without Any Cost

There’s a misconception out there that most mobile Gacha games are purely designed for pay-to-win purposes. Now to be fair, any game that’s free to access is always going to have some form of optional …

There’s a misconception out there that most mobile Gacha games are purely designed for pay-to-win purposes. Now to be fair, any game that’s free to access is always going to have some form of optional microtransaction because that’s how the developer covers the cost of running the game and paying the employees who do so. Microtransactions do not automatically make a game pay to win, it’s the features of the game itself that decide that.

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Is it filled with paywalls? Do they charge players to participate in limited-time events? How much can you actually play it before you run out of game material that isn’t free? All of the games here have been chosen based on these and other variables. Each was selected based on a free-to-play game style accessibility and the number of limited characters. Do note nothing was chosen based on actual Gacha drop rates because, at the end of the day, rolls are going to be random no matter what.

10 Girls Frontline

Girls Frontline is one of the most ideal Gachas because the units themselves are actually free, it’s the parts and the skins that come from the Gacha. Actually, the entire rolling system is a unique Gacha in that rather than just tossing currency and expecting something random, you put in the material that you farm playing the game and what goes in is dependent on what comes out.

Certain combinations guarantee certain things, similar to the Cram-O-Matic in the Pokemon Sword and Shield games.

9 Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost has a phenomenal system where every time someone rolls, the chance to roll an SSR character increases a little and does so with every roll until the person actually gets the featured character or an SSR. And for every roll, they get points where they can unlock the character if they get enough in a certain amount of time.

This game has a lot of different playing content that are opportunities to accumulate currency for rolling and they often have campaigns where players can do a free roll once a day. There have even been certain events that offer a voucher for a free 5* star character at completion.

8 Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Princess Connect has a system where players can unlock characters by collecting something called memory shards. Every character has their own and they are accumulated simply by playing in the game. The only thing this doesn’t work for is limited characters, but there are actually very few of those except for seasonal versions of main characters among a few others.

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The game has been out global since winter of 2021 and the first limited character didn’t come until after Halloween according to the Japan version. Point is, there are far and few between when it comes to limited characters, so you can eventually get anybody you want here.

7 Azur Lane

via Steam Azur Lane

When it comes to Azur Lane, the difference compared to some other cash grab Gachas is the moral values of the developer. Instead of concentrating on easy money so much, they concentrate on making features that build player retention and community. With almost 500 characters, there’s bound to be someone for everyone.

The developer is very fair and does a lot of freebies and puts in mechanics where you don’t need to pull out a credit card. This game has pretty generous drop rates, doing 7 percent for a non-rate up SR and 2 percent for one that is on rate up. They are fair with ways of giving out currency and you can easily accumulate them quickly, increasing the chance to get the character you want. They make it easy to max a character by sometimes having an upgrading item that counts as any copy of a character.

6 Another Eden

Something unique about Another Eden is that there are no daily logins or things that expire. You can put it down and pick it up after a while and go right back to where you were before.

Players have reported that it is one of the most generous games in giving out free units, specifically SSR characters. There is also a bundle of content that is almost impossible to completely clear out without always finding something new to try.

5 Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins has a system where they making getting characters be not as far-fetched compared to other games. By just logging in daily, you get SSR tickets that you can use either right away or later. There are very few limited characters, with most of the units in new stories almost always added to the general rolling pool.

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Games that don’t have a lot of limited units are ideal for the free-to-play route because there’s no temptation to try to grab a character before they disappear for a year or even for good.

4 Guardian Tales

via Evolve PR

Guardian Tales has a really straightforward system that doesn’t systematically restrict free-to-play users from getting what they want. Many characters and their costumes are unlocked through general gameplay.

You can accumulate lots of currency gems to use on the Gacha quickly. The niche of this Gacha system is that it’s not actually not required to use to play the game, it just makes the grind for equipment and character shards less of a lengthy process.

3 Arknights

Arknights is one of those games where you can power through the game with 4-star units and the SSRs are considered more of a luxury. With decent rates and a generous rolling system, the play is very accessible. Summoning new units for free is very easy because you can use the in-game shop currency that you farm.

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There is a recruitment system that has a timer of when unit a will show up that also allows the player to set up some preferences. Players have also reported that you can basically comfortably play the game with 4* units, that 5* and 6* star characters are more of a luxury.

2 Fate Grand Order

via Know Your Meme

Fate Grand Order is admittedly very controversial to put on this list because of its notoriously bad drop rates in the Gacha. However, there is a whole load of free units that are quite usable that will carry you through the main story of the game.

There is a big number of limited units, but many of them are super niche and not necessary to enjoy the game. Most of the more practical rare characters such as Waver, arguably the game’s best support, are available in the general Gacha and at least one will surprise you at some point.

1 Granblue Fantasy

Granblue Fantasy’s gameplay is very accessible without the need to use money because of their generosity in giving out currency. They offer campaigns with free rolls several times a year and many of the best characters are time-locked rather than available on the Gacha.

The game rewards you for playing it and the more you do, the more features become open to you.

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