Artery Gear: Fusion Tier List – Latest Gacha Game

Bilibili, a large video hosting company in China functionally similar to YouTube have developed a new Gacha Game for the western market, Artery Gear: Fusion. This game feels like a combination of popular mobile games …

Bilibili, a large video hosting company in China functionally similar to YouTube have developed a new Gacha Game for the western market, Artery Gear: Fusion.

This game feels like a combination of popular mobile games like Honkai Impact and Arknights and features turn-based combat for battling within the game. Like traditional gacha games, the game features characters for the player to connect, named AG’s or Artery Gears hence the name.

Characters can be summoned from the summon pool in the game using premium currency and is the same as other gacha games. Make sure to follow our guide on gacha gaming to make sure you are not over-spending on the game!

Credits: Artery Gear: Fusion

What character should I pull in Artery Gear Fusion?

The current recommended characters to pull in Artery Gear: Fusion are Sirius (5 star), Alice (4 star), Ginga (5 star) and Morris (4 star). These characters are based on the tier-list in the Chinese version of the game of which the global version is based on.


Why pull Sirius? : Sirius, alongside Alice, has been an SS tier unit since the launch of the game. Her kit synergies so well that she can open with S2-> S3-> S1, giving herself SPD buff + extra turn in S2, ATK with Elemental Advantage in S3, and 100% DEF down in S1. With her insanely high base speed, she can open with S2+3 to pick off any non-fire members on the enemy team.

Why pull Ginga? : Amazing character for early to mid-game. Ginga is the best-in-slot unit for the centaur boss, where you’ll spend 90% of your stamina. She offers one of the highest single target damage outputs on launch and is the target for the infinite reroll ticket. Having Ginga allows you to progress faster. Although she does fall off once you are in the late game, you’ll always find a time and place to use her in PvE. Just don’t bring her to the arena for PvP.

Why pull Alice? : Alice is often considered to be the best 4-star unit in Artery Gear. Due to how the extra turn mechanic works in this game, the unit she is buffing will essentially have 2 turns with the ATK buff. She is often recommended as a reroll target because you cannot pity her.

Why pull Morris? : Morris is a 4 star healer that you can acquire as a login reward on Day 2. She has arguably one of the best healing skills in the entire game. S3 has a CD-1 upgrade which makes it go from 4 rounds to 3 rounds. S2 gets a CD-1 upgrade, going from 3 rounds to 2 rounds, and gets the enhanced upgrade, allowing it to give an action boost of 30% and CD-1 to all skills. So if you use S2 on Morris herself, she lowers her full healing cycle by a full round and boosts herself. S3>S2>S3 is a very powerful cycle to pump out full party heals and cleanse very rapidly with almost no cooldown. S2 can also be used on your DPS to boost them and reduce their CDs so they can use active skills more often.

What character should I pull that are in A-Tier in Artery Gear?

There are many characters to choose from that are in still in A-tier in Artery Gear including Shura, Milvus, Ruri, Grace, Roko, Suriel, Quinn and Chihaya. Some of these are 5 star characters which you can obtain within the 10 pull infinite reroll ticket given to players at the start of the game. These characters fulfill various roles from healing, buffing, dps and heavy-hitters that can do multiple roles. There is no definite need to pull all of these characters however having 1 or 2 of them will help you progress faster in Artery Gear.

How to re-roll account and characters in Artery Gear?

To reroll characters on your Artery Gear: Fusion account, you can follow our guide below with the complete steps to replicate and repeat for creating multiple rerolled accounts and getting the character that you want.

  • Tap the top right icon on your screen.
  • Go into the settings menu of the game and open it up.
  • Navigate to your Artery Gear Player Center, press Upgrade, and Upgrade Platform Account.
  • Save your current account with an email.
  • Log out, and log back into the game as a guest.
  • If you are not able to login to the game as a new guest, clear your game data within the IOS and Android settings.
  • Try using a new email account by adding +(random digit) to your email.
  • Re-do the tutorial and beginner section to pull for characters that you want.

Artery Gear best banner to reroll and pull?

On the recruit screen, you will find four banners; server launch celebration banner, elite banner, regular banner, and Asura event banner. Server Launch Celebration banner lets you reroll for x10 units as many times as you want and guarantees x1 high-grade unit. First, do not use this banner instead try to roll any rolls you earn from the tutorial and introductory events + mail items to try get characters on the Elite or Regular Banner. This is mostly up to preference since rates are relatively similar with 0.01% differences for the characters we are aiming for.

Sirius and Alice are characters that you want to aim for, the other banner characters that are features such as Milvus or Shyura are also good however Sirius or Alice will be more useful to players this early in the game.