Guide for Navia Story Quest in Genshin Impact

With her ground-breaking elemental skill, the President of the Spina di Rosula packs quite a punch when it comes to combat. Whilst she has had plenty of appearances in the story so far, the Geo …

With her ground-breaking elemental skill, the President of the Spina di Rosula packs quite a punch when it comes to combat. Whilst she has had plenty of appearances in the story so far, the Geo Claymore user’s tale isn’t quite finished. When it comes to completing Navia’s story quest in Genshin Impact, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

If you’ve finished Act V of Fontaine’s Archon Quests, then you can spend one of your hard-earned Story Keys on unlocking Navia’s Story Quest: Rosa Multiflora. Heads up: you’ll also need to be Adventure Rank 40 to find out how Navia is getting on in Poisson.

How To Complete Part One – Shimmering Memories

Once you’ve completed the requirements mentioned above, and spent a Story Key, you can unlock Navia’s Story Quest in the Story Quests section of your quest menu. The Rosa Multiflora Quest Act begins with the Shimmering Memories quest, which will see you beginning at the Court of Fontaine and running into Navia.

Head toward the huge fountain in the city and you’ll wander into her. The next step of the quest requires you to ride Navia’s boat with her to Poisson.

If you take too long to go read through all the dialogue during the boat ride –
the game will skip ahead automatically on its own.

Once in Poisson, head inside with Navia and meet up with Florent. You’ll then pose for the camera with Navia in a variety of positions, creating some inspiration for a statue that has been commissioned by her parents.

Although the game gives you three options for poses, you’ll have to
go through all of them to progress

As the photo shoot finishes and the conversation progresses, you’ll eventually see Colter – a member of the Spina di Rosula fresh out of the Fortress of Meropide after serving his time. In the next part of the quest, you’ll need to head somewhere else in Poisson so Navia can fill him in on everything that’s happened whilst he’s been away in private.

After catching up with Colter, the group decides it’s time to head back to the Court of Fontaine on a stroll together. On your walk, you’ll stop for a treat: Navia’s famous Macarons.

You’ll need to help gather Wheat and Sweet Flower for these, so make sure you’re stocked up. If you’re out of Wheat, head toQuartier Lyonnais in the Court of Fontaine and speak to Boucicaut to buy more – only 100 Mora. As for Sweet flower, check out our guide for all the locations you can find that growing in the wild.

The quest finishes with the group making a toast to future travels, and the Spina’s future. However, you hear a strange noise and turn around, but Paimon brings your attention promptly back to the group.

Completing this quest will reward you with 600 Adventurers Experience, 44,000 Mora, x5 Hero’s Wit, and x10 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

How To Complete Part Two – Lost And Inherited

Start the second part of Navia’s Story Quest off by heading back into the Court of Fontaine, to grab the uniform for Adele – the young girl from Act II of Fontaine’s Archon quests. Ludivine is waiting at a shop in the Quartier Narbonnais within the city to give this to you.

After you’ve got what you came for, the Traveller notices a strange sound once again: someone is following you.

The next part of the quest will require you to play as the Traveller in a solo team. But don’t worry,
you won’t have to do any fighting
whilst playing as them – just chasing.

Following instructions from Paimon, you’ll have to catch up with your pursuer through the city. After you catch up with them, it’s time for a fight.

In this part of the quest, you’ll have Navia join your team temporarily in addition to your regular team. The Trial version of Navia is at Level 90 and has her signature weapon, Verdict, also ascended to Level 90. Her Talents and Artifacts are also levelled up, giving you a great chance to sample her playstyle to the fullest of her abilities.

This is based on Adventurers at World Level 8, so the trial Navia will scale depending on your World Level.



Normal Attack


Elemental Skill


Elemental Burst


She’s carrying five Level 20 Artifacts, all from the Noblesse Oblige set, meaning she has +20 percent Elemental Burst damage, and using her burst increases all party members Attack by 20 percent for 12 seconds. The above is based on your game being at World Level 8.

After the fight, speak to Martinat. After letting your pursuers go free as an act of goodwill, Navia decides for the group to stay a night at the Fleuve Cendre – so head there as the next part of the quest.

You’ll be treated to a feast and then Navia will invite you to go fishing with her. Approach the fishing spot, and you’ll have a long conversation with Navia, going into many details of her past. Finish this quest by heading back to the Fleuve Cendre.

Completing this second quest will reward you 475 Adventurers Experience, 34,075 Mora, x4 Hero’s Wit, x7 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and the “Poisson Trigger-Transmission Fishing Rod” furnishing.

The Final Part Of Navia’s Quest – Yesterday’s Tears, Tomorrow’s Light


The first thing you’ll need to do in the final part of the quest is head back to Poisson. After you get there and have a reunion with Adele and Coralie, Florent rushes in to report that the pursuers are back, and this time they’ve got explosives.

The next part of the quest
forces you to play as Navia
, using the same trial setup as mentioned previously.

You’ll need to fight Colter, along with two Treasure Hoarders. He’ll also call for reinforcements after the first wave, meaning you’ll also have to fight three more Treasure Hoarders.

Colter takes on the attack pattern of standard Treasure Hoarders, meaning he will periodically throw ranged projectiles with various elemental energy attached to them. This is the perfect opportunity to create crystalize shards using Navia’s elemental skill, and will amp up your damage so the fight will be over in a flash.

After the battle ends, you’ll catch up with the Traveller and Paimon on their race to stop the explosives. You’ll only have 180 seconds to run to the next objective, but after fighting a few more enemies, you’ll find a strange hole by the control mechanism of the explosives.

It’s optional to talk to Paimon here before looking for the key, but there’s some pretty funny dialogue you’ll miss if you don’t.

Search the area for the Strangely-Shaped Key and then disable the mechanism once you’ve found it. There are several wounded Treasure Hoarders in the area that you can search, with one of them having the key you need.

You’ll then see a cutscene and then the Maison Gardiennage show up and take the criminals into custody. The next part of the quest requires you to head back into Poisson.

The final quest finishes with the unveiling of the statue designs that you were helping Navia prepare for back in Shimmering Memories. After this dialogue, you’ve completed Navia’s Story Quest: Rosa Multiflora.

Afterwards, there’s some optional dialogue from Navia and you’ll also be rewarded with x60 Primogems, 650 Adventurers Experience, 47,175 Mora, x5 Guide to Equity, x5 Hero’s Wit, and x10 Mystic Enhancement Ore.