Master the Art of Playing as Freminet in Genshin Impact: Pro Tips to Dominate

Characters in Genshin Impact can be divided into four-star and five-star rarity, with five-star characters usually being stronger than the four-star ones. However, with enough skill and investment, even four-star characters can be enough to …

Characters in Genshin Impact can be divided into four-star and five-star rarity, with five-star characters usually being stronger than the four-star ones. However, with enough skill and investment, even four-star characters can be enough to carry you through all the challenges in Teyvat.

Freminet is a four-star Claymore user who wields a Cryo vision. He was one of the first playable characters of Fontaine’s launch, following his siblings Lyney and Lynette. Despite his shy personality and tendency to sink into the shadow of his older siblings, Freminet can be a reliable main DPS once you learn how to play his slightly more challenging kit.

6 Use Him For Underwater Exploration

Freminet isn’t just an expert diver in the story, but also in gameplay. With his Exploration Talent, Deepwater Navigation, he can decrease your Aquatic Stamina consumption by 35 percent when you’re exploring in Fontaine’s underwater terrain.

This effect
does not stack
with Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects.

Exploring underwater can be a bit of a hassle, since you can’t use movement-based abilities and the quickest way to move is to burn through your Aquatic Stamina, so you can swim faster. Freminet is a great character to bring for underwater exploration as his Passive allows you to travel faster for a longer time.

5 Know How His Pers Timer Works

The bulk of Freminet’s DMG comes from his Elemental Skill, Pressurized Floe. Using this Skill will make him perform an upward thrust that deals Cryo DMG, but more importantly, will cause him to enter the Pers Timer state, which will make his Normal Attack unleash additional waves of Cryo DMG, alongside his Physical Normal Attacks.

Additionally, while Pers Timer is active, he’ll gain a new Elemental Skill called Shattering Pressure, and a pressure gauge will appear beside him, which starts at Pressure Level Zero. Each Normal Attack that you perform while in the Pers Timer state will increase his Pressure Level by one, which will affect Shattering Pressure:

Level Zero: Shattering Pressure will deal Cryo DMG. Level One to Three: Shattering Pressure will deal both Cryo and Physical DMG. The DMG dealt will be based on Freminet’s Pressure Level. Level Four (Max): Shattering Pressure will deal Physical DMG.

4 Learn His Combos Based On Your Intended Playstyle

Freminet can act as either a Cryo or Physical DPS depending on how you use his Elemental Skill. Pressing his Elemental Skill again while it’s still active, or using a Normal Attack at Pressure Level Four will both end the Pers Timer state and cause him to unleash Shattering Pressure.

After unlocking his first Ascension Passive, Saturation Deep Dive, when Freminet uses his Elemental Skill and Pers Timer hasn’t reached Pressure Level Four yet, its cooldown will be decreased by one second.

The DMG of Shattering Pressure will depend on Freminet’s Pressure Level when this attack is unleashed. Each additional level of Shattering Pressure will increase its Physical DMG dealt while decreasing the Cryo DMG and vice versa.

Depending on which playstyle you want, either complete his Level Four Shattering Pressure if you’re using a Physical build, or cast his Level Zero Shattering Pressure immediately by pressing his Elemental Skill again if you’re using a Cryo build.

3 Use Shadowhunter’s Ambush To Enhance His Performance

When you use Freminet’s Elemental Burst, Shadowhunter’s Ambush, he will deal an initial instance of Cryo DMG and immediately reset the cooldown of his Elemental Skill. Additionally, this causes him to enter the Subnautical Hunter mode for ten seconds.

Freminet gains the following effects when in the Subnautical Hunter state:

Increases his resistance to interruption. His Elemental Skill will have a significantly shorter cooldown (decreased by 70 percent). Normal Attacks will increase his Pressure Level by two instead of one, and the coordinated Cryo DMG will deal thrice the amount of its original DMG.

This allows you to reach Level Four Shattering Pressure much faster, as well as continuously spam his Elemental Skill with the help of its reduced cooldown.

With his Elemental Burst active, you only need to do two Normal Attacks to reach Level Four Shattering Pressure.

2 He Can Unleash Pneuma-Aligned Energy

You might notice that characters in Fontaine have two different styles for their Visions. These represent the two contrasting energies called Pneuma and Ousia, collectively known as Arkhe, and is a unique combat and exploration mechanic in Fontaine that can also be found in the nation’s environment.

Pneuma is represented by a golden glow, while Ousia emits a dark, purple aura.

For Freminet, he’s able to deal Pneuma-aligned DMG every nine seconds through his Elemental Skill, which can be seen as a golden strike that descends upon enemies. In combat, Freminet’s Pneuma DMG can be used to weaken specific enemies, such as Clockwork Mecha, Breacher Primuses, and the second phase of the All-Devouring Narwhal, while also activating Ousia-aligned puzzles.

1 Use The Right Elements To Trigger Desired Elemental Reactions

As a Physical character, Freminet will deal more DMG with the Superconduct reaction, which is triggered when Cryo meets Electro on an enemy. This will reduce the affected enemy’s Physical RES by 40 percent and cause them to take more Physical DMG. However, after unlocking his fourth Ascension Passive, Parallel Condensers, when Freminet triggers Shatter against opponents, the DMG dealt by Shattering Pressure will be increased by 40 percent for five seconds.

Shatter is an Elemental Reaction that triggers when a Frozen enemy is hit by a heavy attack, such as a Claymore. This causes the Frozen enemy to be Shattered, freeing them from the Frozen state and dealing Physical DMG.

When composing your team, make sure you’re able to trigger both Superconduct and Shatter by adding Electro and Hydro characters in your team respectively, in order to maximize Freminet’s DMG output.