Honkai Star Rail: Best Characters To Use Broken Keel

Honkai: Star Rail has a wide variety of support characters, which work as the backbone of your teams, providing power-ups and buffs to help your characters shine even more. One of the best ways you …

Honkai: Star Rail has a wide variety of support characters, which work as the backbone of your teams, providing power-ups and buffs to help your characters shine even more. One of the best ways you can help your support characters do best is by applying the best Relic sets for them, and Broken Keel is a fantastic 2-piece Relic set that helps support characters do what they do best.

Broken Keel gives a boost to your team’s defensive and offensive stats, making it a versatile choice for a wide variety of team compositions. A character with Broken Keel can be put onto almost any team and shine brightly.

What Are Relics?

Relics are items that your characters can hold that give them stat boosts, and having Relics from the same set on your character will give them additional benefits. Your character can hold four Cavern Relics (which come in sets of four) and two Planar Ornaments (which come in sets of two).

You do not unlock the ability to put Planar Ornaments on your characters until you reach Trailblazer Level 30.

What Does Broken Keel Do?

Broken Keel is a 2-piece Planar Ornament Relic set that is ideal for support characters. It increases Effect Resistance by ten percent and if the wearer’s Effect Resistance is above 30 percent, their allies’ Crit Damage is increased by ten percent.

Crit Damage does not boost the Damage Over Time (DoT) effect. If you’re building a team that focuses on applying DoT (with characters like Kafka and Sampo), your support characters would benefit more from a different Planar Ornament Relic set.

Where to Find Broken Keel

Broken Keel is an Immersion Reward from World Seven of the Simulated Universe, and it costs 40 Trailblazer Power to obtain them. The recommended character level for World Seven is Level 60 and above, and you will need to fight the following enemies:

Blaze Out of Space
Abundance Sprite: Malefic Ape
The Ascended
Aurumaton Gatekeeper
Disciples of Sanctus Mediucus
Shape Shifter
Silvermane Lieutenant
Abundant Ebon Deer

Trailblazer (Fire)

Unlike a lot of characters on this list, Broken Keel is good for the Fire Trailblazer because of the effects it provides them (though the bonus their allies receive is nice too). Their Skill reduces incoming damage by 40 percent and their Technique grants them a shield.

Furthermore, when the Trailblazer uses their Basic Attack, Skill, or Ultimate, they give allies a shield scaled off four percent of the Trailblazer’s Defense, plus 20 more. Their Talent grants them the following effects:

Gains Magma Will Stacks every time they are hit or they do a basic attack. This has a maximum of eight stacks.
Three stacks or less, the Trailblazer’s Basic Attack is enhanced.

A lot of the Fire Trailblazer’s abilities scale off Defense, which makes Defense the most valuable substat for them.


Broken Keel is a fantastic Planar Ornament set for Yukong, as her Skill creates two Roaring Bowstring stacks, which increases allies’ Attack while active. While Roaring Bowstring is active, her Ultimate will increase her allies’ Crit Rate and Crit Damage.

Because Yukong focuses on Attack, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage, Broken Keel’s Effect Resistance provides her and her team somedefensive capabilities that Yukong would otherwise not be able to provide. The Crit Damage bonus is always a stellar effect to have on her as well.

Yukong’s Planar Ornament substats can be fairly flexible, and Effect Resistance will always be handy when it comes to Broken Keel. The remaining substats should be focused onAttack, Crit Rate, or Crit Damage, but if you want to play her a bit more defensively or if your team doesn’t have a healer, you could also choose to get more HP and Defense substats.

Fu Xuan

Fu Xuan’s abilities provide her with lots of good support capabilities. Her Skill allows allies to share 65 percent of all damage taken, it increases their max HP, and allies’ Crit Rates are increased by six percent, her Talent reduces damage taken by ten percent, and her Bonus Abilities increase the Crit Rate and Max HP.

Broken Keel allows Fu Xuan to add to what she is already doing; making allies harder to take down and increasing the Crit Rate. Fu Xuan’s abilities scale off her max HP, so you should be trying to get as much HP from her substats as possible, since Broken Keel gets stronger the more Effect Resistance the character has, so keep an eye out for good Effect Resistant substats as well.


Bronya’s Ultimate increases allies’ Attack by 33 percent and Crit Damage by 12 percent of her own Crit Damage. Broken Keel will give her another buff on top of that, making her and her allies even more powerful.

Because Broken Keel works best for characters with high Effect Resistance, it’s best to focus on getting Planar Ornaments with Effect Resistance substants. Furthermore, you should focus on Crit Damage substats because her Ultimate scales off her total Crit Damage.


Broken Keel will mainly come in use by serving as a complementary effect for her Ultimate, as her Ultimate regenerates allies’ energy and increases their attack by 24 percent for two turns. Broken Keel provides additional beneficial support by increasing her allies’ Effect Resistance and Crit Damage, and the more benefits you can give your allies, the better.

All of Huohuo’s abilities scale off her HP, so HPshould be the focus of your substats. With any Broken Keel set, you should also take Effect Resistance into account.


While Gepard may benefit more from Planar Ornaments that directly benefit his Defense (like Belobog of the Architects), if you want to build him to make your allies more resistant, or you just want to try something outside the box, Broken Keel is a good choice. His Ultimate applies shields to all his allies, scaling off his Defense, because Broken Keel’s Effect Resistance buff provides more defensive capabilities to his teammates.

Gepard’s Ultimate scales off his total Defense, so your Broken Keel Relics should have good Defense substats. Because Effect Resistance is so important to this build, you should also place a lot of importance on Effect Resistance substats.


Tingyun is all about supporting allies through Attack bonuses. Her Ultimate increases an ally’s damage by three percent for three turns, her Skill increases an ally’s Attack by 25 percent up to 15 percent of her attack, and her Bonus Abilities all increase Attack.

However, Tingyun doesn’t provide a lot of defensive support, and that’s where Broken Keel’s Effect Resistance boost comes in. Boosting her allies’ Effect Resistance covers for her lack of defensive capabilities, while the Critical Damage boost is a fantastic compliment to all the Attack buffs she provides.

Tingyun’s skills scale off her Attack, so it’s important to have good
Attack substats.


Broken Keel is a good compliment to Asta’s Talent, and for every enemy Asta hits and for every enemy who has a Fire weakness, Asta will gain one stack of Charging.

Each stack increases her allies’ Attack by seven percent, up to a maximum of 40 percent.Broken Keel’s Crit Damage bonus is always great when accompanying an attack. Both stat increases will make her allies’ attacks all the more powerful, especially when paired up with someone who also buffs offensive stats like Tingyun.

While the Effect Resistance bonus is more or less a nice bonus to have on her, Asta’s Bonus Abilities do increase Defense, which serves as a good compliment. Broken Keel needs a 30 percent Effect Resistance bonus to activate the Crit Damage bonus, so Effect Resistance substats are very important here.


Much like many of the characters in this guide, Hanya specialises in providing stat boosts to her allies. Her Talent increases an ally’s damage output and her Ultimate increases an ally’s Speed Attack for two turns.

Simply put, the added stat boosts Broken Keel gives her allies make her an all-around good support unit, especially if you want to focus on her being a bit broader of support rather than a support unit that focuses on one or two stats. The Effect Resistance bonus gives allies some defensive support that Hanya would otherwise lack, while the Crit Damage bonus is always extremely useful when she increases an ally’s Attack.

Part of Hanya’s Ultimate scales off her Speed, so that should be one of the primary substats. Her remaining substats should focus on who her teammates are going to be and what stats you want her to specialise in.

March 7th

Broken Keel is good if you want to build March 7th around Effect Resistance, but if you want to build her more around creating shields, a Planar Ornament set like Belobog of the Ancients is better.

If you want to focus on a more Attack-oriented or Crit-oriented March 7th, the Critical Damage bonus is nice, but in that case, it’s better to pick a different Planar Ornament set like Firmament Frontline Glamoth or Inert Salsotto.

March 7th’s Basic Attack has a stat bonus of plus four percent Effect Resistance, which makes Broken Keel a good set if you primarily want to build up Effect Resistances. This could be a good build choice if her other team members rely on using their ultimates a lot.

Your substats should focus on Effect Resistance and Defense because those are the stats that will be more useful for this build. If you want to benefit more from the Critical Damage bonus, you should focus on Effect Resistance and Attack because her offensive skills scale off her Attack.