Is Arknights a dating simulator?

Is Arknights Dating Sim a thing? It is a well-known tower defence game well-known for a deep lore and plot line but does it feature any elements that could make this a dating simulator as …

Is Arknights Dating Sim a thing? It is a well-known tower defence game well-known for a deep lore and plot line but does it feature any elements that could make this a dating simulator as well?

Credits: Arknights

What makes a Dating Sim a Dating Sim?

Dating sims or romance simulations in mobile gacha games are basically a genre of games with romantic elements. Dating sims in gacha titles often dialogue-heavy and focus on time management. The player must befriend and carefully build and maintain a relationship with one or more characters in the game through completing a variety of tasks which will unlock further relationship progression.

Core features of a dating simulator are

Relationship levels per character

Additional scenes or dialogue unlocks as relationship progresses

A culmination in either a relationship with that character or a marriage.

Unfortunately, although Arknights dating sim does not exist it does have a secretary system in place in the game, it does not fully implement the dating sim mechanics. There is still a lot of fun to be had with the existing secretary mechanics however if players want to have an “official” pairing with a character which unlocks a variety of new scenes and expressions like Azur Lane, it is currently impossible.

There is no Arknights Dating Sim because it has no Marriage system at present

One of the core features of a dating simulator is well, the ability to “date” or marry the characters in the game. Unfortunately unlike Azur Lane, Arknights does not have a marriage system in place. You are however able to set a character as your “main” which will show on various screens and give other benefits to the player.

How does Arknights Secretary System and Operator Trust work?

Each Operator has their own Trust Ranking, and the current value appears in the area of the green box in the image above when the player clicks on the Trust bar. These Stats achieve their maximum value at 200%.

Gaining Trust also unlocks additional biography information in each Operator’s File at Trust level 25%, 50%, 100%, 150%, and 200% .  Extra voice lines are unlocked at 40%, 100%, and 200% Trust. These can be accessed in the Audio Records in the Details section. 

Although it is not “dating” per-se the opportunity to get more dialogue and story from the characters you love is more than enough reason to use the opportunity to farm trust.

Credits: Arknights

How do I farm trust in Arknights?

Farming trust in Arknights is not complex at all. There are two ways to for an Operator to gain Trust Points: participating in combat missions or working in the RIIC Base.

This way is the most straightforward.  Every Operator in a team that completes a normal or Challenge Operation at 3 Stars gains 1 Trust Point per Sanity used to start the Operation.  If a normal Operation is completed at less than 3 Stars, then each Operator gains the Operations Sanity cost – 1 in Trust. If a Challenge Operation is completed at less than 3 Stars, the Trust gained by each Operator is the Operation Sanity cost divided by 2.

Additionally, every day, your Operators such as the newly released Nearl, the Radiant Knight earn Trust from being stationed in the base in one of the following 3 roles:

  • Role 1:  Working in a Facility
  • Role 2:  Being assigned as the Control Center RIIC Assistant
  • Role 3: Being assigned as one of the Floor Level Assistants B1-B4

It is also possible for an Operator to double-up from Trust by holding multiple roles, this will allow players to farm a specific operator’s trust to its maximum before moving on to another character.

Should I start farming trust in Arknights? What benefits do I get?

Aside from getting more dialogue options and new content in Arknights, farming trust in the game will also allow additional benefits in battle.

Increasing Operator Trust unlocks special “Team” or “Faction” furniture, obtained when average Trust among all members of the aforementioned Team or Faction reaches 100%.