Azur lane how to get tech points as a Free to Play

How to get tech points in Azur Lane? Shipgirls are the major features of Azur Lane, today we’re going to talk about how to best use the Azur Lane ship girl system in our favour. …

How to get tech points in Azur Lane? Shipgirls are the major features of Azur Lane, today we’re going to talk about how to best use the Azur Lane ship girl system in our favour. Other than fighting with these lovely girls, it is possible to also upgrade them for higher combat efficiency. Upgrading our ship girls in Azur Lane can produce more tech points for us which will help boost a Faction’s technology level. This will help your progression in the game.

Credits: Azur Lane Fandom

How do I check my Azur Lane Tech Points on Android and IOS?

To check your Azur Lane tech points, on Android and IOS devices, simply tap on a ship girl and it will show how many tech points you have earned and what fleet buffs you have unlocked. Using the image above as an example, the tech points you can earn for each are categorised under the T.

How do I earn tech points in Azur Lane?

There are three ways to earn Tech Points in Azur Lane for Android and IOS, and you don’t have to spend your money doing so. F2P Players are able to earn tech points by doing basic tasks within the game which are:

Limit Breaking a Ship Girl

Limit breaking a ship girl is a standard part of the Azur Lane gameplay loop, but did you know this is also one of the ways you can earn Tech Points? The Limit breaks for ship girls occur at Level 10, Level 30 and Level 70. Ship Girls who get limit broken will gain a tech point for each level but this will vary depending on the Ship Girl, rare Ship Girls will be able to give you more points per level up so these will be the ones to focus on.

To level up and limit break a ship girl, you need a duplicate of the ship girl or a universal ship girl. You will then be able to combine them into a Limit Broken Ship Girl. It’s important to note that the cost of Limit Breaking increases as the Ship Girl gains a higher level, for Level 70 Limit Break, you will need two to level up.

Collecting Ships in Azur Lane

Collecting ships in Azur Lane grants you at least two Tech Points, rare ships can reward you with up to 28 Tech Points for collecting them. When you pull a new ship, Tech Points are automatically added to your account. Duplicate pulls in the game unfortunately do not count towards new Tech Points (Damn you developers!) however you will be able to do this quite often as many new ship girls are released. New players will be able to use this system to its fullest as it is likely you will not have all the ship girls in your collection yet. Get collecting!

Reaching Level 120 in Azur Lane!

Reaching the Level 120 level for your Ship Girl for every ship you own is extremely difficult and it is only right that the developers reward you for this! The Level 120 will cost a lot of Cognitive Chips and will take quite a while however you will be able to get them as you play the game more. Gacha games focus on the length of time invested in it for a Free to Play player and will reward the player for spending more time doing daily quests and events within the game. Now there is even more reason to farm more things for your waifu besides saving for marriage in Azur Lane!

Credits: Azur Lane EN official | @PinaxPinakes

What benefits do you get from more Tech Points in Azur Lane?

Earning Tech Points on one ship girl will not show amazing benefits however, when you earn Tech Points for your Ship Girl, your faction for that Ship Girl will also earn points. Benefits that you can get from Azur Lane from more tech points for your faction are that you can get buffs to all your faction ships. Once a faction has been capped at the maximum level, it can be upgraded and give buffs to all ships in your fleet regardless of faction. This type of universal buff is extremely rare in the game and can add up to a great boost for players willing to invest the time and effort. This might be one of the main reasons why Azur Lane is one of our Top 3 Games!

Since Tech Points mostly come from natural means by playing the game, players do not need to go out of their way to spend money to get Tech Points, simply playing the game as normal and levelling up your Ship Girls will be able to get you your juicy tech points.