Genshin Impact: Pro Tips For Playing As Gaming

Highlights Gaming is a fun DPS character in Genshin Impact who can utilize the Plunging Attack playstyle. Adjusting the clock to daytime in the game increases the movement speed of Gaming’s team, allowing for faster …


Gaming is a fun DPS character in Genshin Impact who can utilize the Plunging Attack playstyle.
Adjusting the clock to daytime in the game increases the movement speed of Gaming’s team, allowing for faster exploration.
Gaming’s Elemental Skill can be used to climb surfaces and reach unreachable areas, making it useful for exploration.

With the arrival of the heavily-anticipated annual Lantern Rite in Genshin Impact comes a new set of events, stories, interactions, and a brand new four-star unit in the form of Gaming. This transport-agency-employee-by-day and Wushou-dance-troupe-head by night is the new face of the Lantern Rite celebration, along with Xianyun.

Gaming is a four-star Claymore user who wields a Pyro vision. He’s the only four-star character, and the second after Xiao, who can purposely utilize the Plunging Attack playstyle with his Elemental Skill, launching him into the air and his Elemental Burst, allowing him to do this repeatedly by resetting his Skill’s cooldown. Know how to use him correctly to make the most out of his fun playstyle.

Set Your Clock To Daytime To Move Faster

Gaming’s Exploration Talent increases the Movement Speed of your team by ten percent during the day. Adjusting your clock and setting it to daytime allows you to have a permanent in Movement Speed, which is useful for overworld exploration, as it lets you reach your destinations faster.

To adjust the time, simply go to the Paimon Menu and click the clock icon. Daytime in Genshin Impact is between 6:00 and 18:00.

This Passive doesn’t take effect in Domains, Trounce Domains, or the Spiral Abyss. Additionally, you can’t stack it with other Passive Talents that provide the exact same effects. You can’t use other characters with the same Passive, like Rosaria and Dehya, to gain 30 percent Movement Speed.

Depending on the time in the game, one of Gaming’s idle animations can change color. During the day, his Wushou head ornament and outfit will glow a bright red. Meanwhile, it’ll change into a brilliant purple during the night.

Make Sure To Hit An Enemy With His Elemental Skill

His Elemental Skill, Bestial Ascent, makes Gaming pounce forward and leap into the air after he comes into contact with a target. When in the air after being boosted by his Elemental Skill, executing a Plunging Attack will make him use Plunging Attack: Charmed Cloudstrider instead, which deals increased Pyro DMG.

It’s important to note that you need to hit an enemy with the initial cast of his Skill, as that’s what causes him to leap into the air. If you don’t hit anything, or if you’re not facing an enemy when you use his Skill, he’ll simply dash forward, and you won’t be able to use his special Plunging Attack.

Use His Elemental Skill To Climb Surfaces

Aside from enemies, Gaming’s Elemental Skill can also interact with other objects. When his Skill comes into contact with any physical surface, such as a wall or rock, the same effect as when he hits an enemy will apply, and he’ll be able to leap into the air and perform his special Plunging Attack.

This is especially useful for exploration. You can use his Skill to gain some height when climbing tall cliffs or buildings, collect unreachable Oculi, or jump toward platforms.

Pay Attention To His HP

When Gaming executes his special Plunging Attack, he will consume a fixed amount of his HP. This mechanic can put him in dangerous situations, as his HP can reach extremely low levels, and he’s also vulnerable to enemies’ attacks when he’s executing a Plunging Attack.

Always be mindful of where his HP is when doing his special Plunging Attack, especially during his Elemental Burst, which resets his Elemental Skill’s cooldown and allows him to spam his special Plunging Attacks. After unlocking his First Ascension Passive, Dance of Amity, he can regain a portion of his HP whenever his special Plunging Attack hits an opponent.

You Can Dash To His Pet

Gaming’s Elemental Burst, Suanni’s Gilded Dance, summons a Suanni companion called Man Chai, which bashes a target enemy before returning to Gaming. When Man Chai returns, it leaves the field, and the cooldown for Gaming’s Elemental Skill will be reset. Man Chai will reappear after you use Gaming’s special Plunging Attack or if you cast his Elemental Skill while he’s above 50 percent HP.

This allows you to cast Gaming’s Elemental Skill multiple times while his Elemental Burst is active, enabling you to perform his special Plunging Attack repeatedly. As there’s a short delay before Man Chai links with Gaming, you can dash to Man Chai’s location to reset Gaming’s Skill much faster.

Keep Him Above 50 Percent HP

After unlocking his Fourth Ascension Passive, Air of Prosperity, Gaming gains different buffs depending on his current HP.:

When he has less or more than 50 percent HP, he will receive a 20 percent Incoming Healing Bonus. When his HP is at or more than 50 percent, his special Plunging Attack will deal 20 percent more DMG.

You would want to keep his HP above 50 percent at all times so that his special Plunging Attack can deal more DMG, as the additional Incoming Healing Bonus from being below 50 percent HP isn’t all that useful. Additionally, Man Chai will only come out again if Gaming is above 50 percent HP when you use his Skill.

He’s A Good User Of Marechaussee Hunter

Marechaussee Hunter is arguably the most powerful artifact set for any character who can properly use it. It provides up to 36 percent CRIT Rate for free, as long as the wielder constantly loses or gains HP. This allows characters to stack up on CRIT DMG.

Since Gaming can trigger his own HP loss and also heal himself at will, he has no problems triggering Marechaussee Hunter’s passive, something that other characters can only do with the help of Furina. This allows you to easily reach a good CRIT Ratio even without any CRIT weapons, which elevates Gaming’s DMG output and makes him easier to build.

With Marechaussee Hunter, you’ll only need around 40 percent CRIT Rate for Gaming to deal consistent DMG.